Samstag, Oktober 22, 2016

[magic item] Staff of the Spring Woman

A woman was known to carry a sacred staff on her journeys between villages where she tended the sick. She became to be known as Spring Woman, because she was thought to bring renewal, birth and healing. After her death her body and her few belongings were burnt and stored in an urn. Some of those old enough to remember will tell that those ashes then were stolen, or distributed among the villages where they are kept in sacred places to honor her life among the people.

This wooden quarterstaff is a +1 magic weapon. Upon command word it turns into fine crystal dust, and changes into its original and complete shape and form upon another command. When the weapon gets damaged or destroyed it can be repaired by turning it into crystal dust and reassembling it. The command word must be uttered within 15' radius of the staff or particles of its dust in order to have an effect.
1d3 healing spells are randomly stored upon reassembling the staff. They work as if cast by a 7th level cleric. When a spell is randomly determined a magic symbol appears edged into the staff, so the wielder knows which spells are available. The spells are activated by touching the symbol with the intent to heal a specific creature or character.
It was not known what deity granted the magic of the staff. Rumors of the villagers suggest that the Spring Woman herself was a petty goddess.

roll d12 for random spell
1. cure blindness
2. cure disease
3. cure light wounds
4. remove fear
5. purify food & water
6. cure serious wounds
7. remove curse
8. neutralize poison
9. regenerate
10. restoration
11. heal
12. raise dead