Donnerstag, Februar 26, 2015

Lindybeige on Quarterstaffs/staves/thingies

I love the quarterstaff as a weapon in roleplaying games, and it is fun and good exercise to jump through the forest wielding twigs and sticks and fighting imaginary forest monsters like the abominable mossy trolls of Groghgush.

Lindybeige has some of his popular points on quarterstaves, and here are two videos. There seem to be some replies by other YouTubers, too. So, enough material to watch and pick from for your favourite games and character creation.
If not, go fight some mossy trolls. Like this one (with Risus statblock!)

Mossy Troll of Groghgush (5)
Irate Connoisseur of Atmospheric Black Metal Synthesizer Sounds (3)
Armchair-Expert of Things Relating to Quarterstaves (2)

Oh, but you were here for quarterstaff-videos. Go on, then.

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