Montag, Februar 23, 2015

[Illustration] Water - Journey through the Dungeon

Digital painting in progress with Krita
Through the Dungeon (ald)

Exploration is a key aspect of life. And those who found themselves on a journey sooner or later were exploring their surroundings and thereby enlarged their concept of the world, their options and opportunities. Journey is progress, and the destination is rarely visible from the outset. There may be a vision of a destination or state which will be reached, can be reached when all the obstacles - within and without - are overcome, when strength is acquired, when tools are created and gained, when skills are honed, when craft is mastered, when companions work together. All these achievements are part of the journey.

To look back and retrace the steps, to remember the obstacles overcome, that is to see a path of achievements. Then it is time to tell the story, and tell it to teach, and inspire visions of destinations and states to be reached. And after a rest: time to journey onwards.

First sketch with Krita

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