Freitag, Februar 27, 2015

[Illustration] Update: Journey through the Dungeon

Work in progress created with Krita and a Wacom Intuos (ald)
I wrote about exploration and journey in the first part. I'm working on the depth of the scene, as well as on the texture of the stonework. That will take some time. Next will be the boat and the adventurer, then the underwater part. The surface will be last. Still some way to go.

The open source digital painting software that I use, Krita, has just been released in its 2.9 version.


Alexis Smolensk hat gesagt…

Nice work. It's a style of presentation that could work for the cover of my next book. Want to talk about it?

Alexander-Lars Dallmann hat gesagt…

Yes, let's e-mail.