Freitag, Februar 13, 2015

Blue Gnome of Ziegenheim

Blue gnome study (ald)
Krita and Wacom Intuos

I watched Jim Henson's Labyrinth last night, again (for the 17th time or so). There is a Making of on the DVD, and I watched that, too (for the first time), because I like to get a glimpse at how things work and learn from it.
So, I got inspired by Brian Froud's goblin designs which then led me to scribbling the blue gnome study with Krita.

Since I'm working on a Basic Fantasy sandbox setting (in German) with the working title Ziegenheim, I thought it might be fitting to start describing some of the creatures that live around Ziegenheim. There will be blue gnomes, and they may look like the one pictured.

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