Samstag, August 30, 2014

A Thought on Not Buying 5e

From what I gather off of blogs most folks seem to be happy about the advent of 5e. The free Basic D&D probably helped, too. But I didn't buy it. And I have the intuition that I'm not going to, either.

Of all the rpg products that I bought over the last years I only use a few: namely dice, Basic Fantasy, and Risus. Whenever I pick anything else out of the box (I store rpg stuff in a box), and read it I get bored very quickly. Sure, I like Shadowrun 20th Anniversary edition, and the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition seemed a good thing, too. But I won't play them, or run them. Same with Rolemaster, MERP, and some other stuff.

So, I read Basic D&D, and read what others wrote about 5e gaming experience, their thoughts on character creation, strengths of the system, and so on.

I get overwhelmed by boredom. I'll have to read something else.

Time to move on.


Zornhau hat gesagt…

In avoiding D&D 5E you miss out BIG TIME! BIG BIG TIME!

Seriously, I had no high hopes for 5E at all, but 5E turned out to be the real thing. It is just THAT good.

lars_alexander hat gesagt…

I'm not avoiding it, just not buying it. I would join a group as a player, but as far as rpg-rules-books-as-literature goes (which most of rpg books seems to be) I'm tired of reading it.

That may change in a while, or not. Cannot foresee that.

Anyway, thanks for your comment! I've noticed that you like 5e from comments elsewhere, and on your blog. So, I'll keep your enthusiasm in mind when I pick up a copy of the 5e players handbook in a local store. Maybe it'll help sell the book to me ;)

alexandro hat gesagt…

Same here. Its not that 5e is a bad game, it just doesn't do anything I couldn't do with a different game.

So...not buying (for now).