Donnerstag, August 21, 2014

R4 - &Pain companion expansion (Basic Fantasy)

Basic Fantasy & Pain
I uploaded release 4 of the expansion rules &Pain (ODT, PDF) for Basic Fantasy and other old school games.

Changes from R3 to R4
  • There are two optional versions for GMs when running monsters, and non-player characters to decide how hit points, and pain status is affected when the creatures suffer damage in combat.
  • The three different pain thresholds are abbreviated: incapacitation threshold (IT), unconsciousness threshold (UT), death threshold (DT).
  • The penalties due to pain for initiative, movement rate, and morale checks are tied to pain thresholds, now.
  • The new penalties are listed in tables to make them easier to find, and read.
  • Some minor editing of the text (examples, typos fixed.)
So far, and during our game sessions, the results are quick combat rounds, enhanced options for the players, and a little pain for creatures and characters.

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