Freitag, August 01, 2014

Basic Fantasy Adventure Anthology 1 in print now! (Lulu, Amazon/CreateSpace)

 Roll 3d6 in order, pick up your equipment,
and head towards adventure!
Adventure lurks within

The Adventure Anthology 1 contains 14 adventures for beginning through intermediate-level characters.

Adventure galore!
  1. Gold in the Hills (levels 1-3) by Ray Allen
  2. Merilla's Magic Tower (levels 4-7) by Rob Pinnell
  3. The Zombraire's Estate (levels 2-5) by Russ Westbrook
  4. Beneath Brymassen (1st level) by collaborition
  5. Ruin of Darkfir Castle (1st level) by Onno Tasler
  6. Shepherds of Pineford (2nd level) by Jason Reilly
  7. Deathcrypt of Khaldhun (6th level) by Scott A. Murray
  8. The Vault of Thaire (levels 1-3) by David Grant Sinclair
  9. The Slaver's Fortress (levels 4-8) by Chris Gonnerman
  10. Taming the Flames (levels 2-3) by Dave Gerard
  11. The Lost Tome (levels 3-4) by Dave Gerard
  12. Insect Valhalla (levels 3-6) by J.D. Neal
  13. Island in River (levels 2-4) by J.D. Neal
  14. Night of the Necromancer (levels 3-5) by Raymond L. Allen
The Adventure Anthology 1 can be downloaded for free (ODT and PDF files). The open document file can be modified to suit your gaming needs.

The print version of the Adventure Anthology 1 is available at Lulu, and Amazon/CreateSpace.

To be continued...

If you want to contribute to the Basic Fantasy game, and community, and you write, or have written a few adventures you might want them to be included in the Adventure Anthology 2: follow the thread...

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