Freitag, Juli 04, 2014

And suddenly the wind stopped

I guess, that the OSR's worst nightmare came true with the release of the free Basic D&D rules made available in a neatly packed PDF file with a print-friendly option.

110 pages, 2,6 MB PDF file, professionally laid-out text, and none of the nostalgic-amateur style illustrations that had been mistaken for a criterion of quality for too long.*
It's D&D now with all its awe-inspiring spell of fantasy experience.

The fact, that Basic D&D gets released (on the 4th of July, and) before the D&D Starter Set will drive more players to their local gaming stores, or online shopping centers. Impulse buying at its best.

For those of you who can't wait to roll for initiative there's a free 5th edition adventure available at the Frog God's site called The Wizard's Amulet.

*There are no illustrations in Basic D&D. 

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