Sonntag, Juni 01, 2014

[character] Fern

This is a Basic Fantasy character created within a few minutes (3d6 in order) and using my Basic Fantasy supplements.

Fern (cleric 1; 19, human, m) Now an inhabitant of some village in our Morgansfort campaign.

Ability Scores
ST 11 INT 5 (-2) WIS 12 DEX 10 CON 10 CHA 14 (+1)
Ability Roll Target 17
HD 1d6 HP 2 Pain Thresholds 5/8/13

Secondary Skills/Languages
Animal Handling (e) 1d20+8 Target 17
Carpentry (ad) 1d20+5 Target 17
Common (spoken)

Fine woolen clothing, sandals, cloak, sling bag, knife, quarterstaff, box of tools, loop net for fishing, wine skin, 28 gp, 4 sp, 12 cp.

Fern lives, and works at a small temple in a lake-side village, training, and caring for animals. He speaks fast, applies some common sense, and generally has no clue what the priests talk about. Anything that has to do with physical work he picks up easily, and anything to do with numbers, and complex speech bores him. He knows how to phrase his words to make a good impression, though, and is well-liked by the villagers. He is somewhat in love with a young widow who he helps out with the livestock.

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