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[magic item] Throne of Judgement

Among the ancient elven lords there had been one who was renowned for fair judgement, and wise counsel. He was called Krimka the Balance by humans, and Eylonder by his own people. Many sorcerers worked for him, and his messengers travelled far away lands to gather knowledge, and lore about the ways, and the laws of the various people inhabiting the known world. The throne of judgement was a powerful artifact. Eylonder used to set special dates once a month for giving counsel, granting audience, and other affairs. During times of war Eylonder never left the throne room.

This is the kind of magic item rulers will send loyal heroes on quests to retrieve; after the fall of Eylonder, and the demise of his realm the throne was lost. Rumors have it reclaimed by elven warriors, dwaren lords, and human wizards. It has never been found again by the living, though.

According to the writings of one of the sorcerers in Eylonder's service the throne could be enchanted with new spells rather easily. She also wrote about an eerie presence of a larger entity surrounding the throne. Her writings are kept in the Library of Harmony.

Throne of Judgement

The throne stands 7' tall, and weighs about 350 pounds. It grants those who sit on the throne several magical powers.
All spell-like powers work as if cast by a 12th level caster.

The following spells work continuously while the character sits on the throne:
  • Detect Magic
  • Detect Evil
  • Detect Invisible
  • Read Languages
  • Speak All Languages
  • Protection from Evil (10' radius)
  • Protection from Normal Missiles.
  • Ventroliquism
  • Light
Cast the following spells once every hour:
  • Bless
  • Read Magic 
Cast the following spells once per day:
  • Hold Person
  • Hold Monster
  • Charm Person
  • Charm Monster
  • Dispel Magic
  • Remove Fear
  • Anti-Magic Shell
  • Geas
  • True Seeing
  • Heal
  • Confusion
Cast the following spells once per month:
  • Commune
  • Speak with the Dead 
  • Raise Dead
  • Reincarnate
  • Regenerate
  • Disintegrate

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