Sonntag, Mai 18, 2014


Wether someone masters an art, or not is irrelevant to others.
If someone sells stuff, it is in the interest of the seller that it must become relevant to others.

I picked up a book in an antique book store a while ago, I forgot the title. Something about Buddhism. While speed-reading through some chapters that caught my attention the idea of the buddha principle to obtain divinity came to my mind (I doubt, that I read it. I guess it was just a funny thought.): the number of followers, disciples, and other people who believe in you define your level of divinity, and are testimonial to your enlightenment.

The latter part is irrelevant. The principle is: get people to believe in you, follow you, treasure your every word, spread it, and buy your picture/figurine/symbol, and t-shirt, and put it on display.
Connect with others like you. Lead the discourse. Form opinions. Have your followers build your world for you. Work with them. Train a few to lead many. Enjoy parties.

Note: I don't know what to make of it, yet. The described principle is nothing new. It appeared in my field of vision way before the book store incident (which happened a few months ago.) In fact, it's probably known by any entrepreneur, leader, and (con) artist.

Anyway, I may practice, study, and work hard to become a master guitarist, artist, mad-scientist, pulp-fiction hero. It is of irrelevance to others. And somehow this is a liberating idea.

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