Mittwoch, Mai 21, 2014

D&D is new

So, word is spread that D&D has new covers, one for a boxed starter set, one for each of the great three tomes, and some for the modules.

They whisper that the starter set is made for DMs. This sounds reasonable since DMs are usually the evangelists among roleplaying gamers. They can pick up a boxed set, and prepare games for their friends, then move up a step, and buy the other books, and the rest of the goodies. Some players eventually will buy their own books, too, if they become devoted. (My guess is, that there will some kind of smartphone app with which players can create, and manage their characters.)

Most of the people I know who bought rules books run game sessions as DMs. And the people blogging about rpgs usually are DMs, too.

Now, I read in the blog posts, comments sections, and forum threads, that people are going to buy the starter set to see what it's like; some even pre-ordered all the books.
Why? To be a good roleplaying gamer? To be part of the crowd? To be in the know of what's inside? To satisfy the strange desire to collect things that stir the imagination?

I've collected a lot of rpg stuff. It's gone now. I don't want it back. I don't need it.

If I were to spend the amount of money necessary to purchase all the new D&D publications, I'd buy a good pair of shoes, a few notebooks, and a guitar instead. Because, eventually all the new rpg stuff is going to be expensive. And concering rpgs I've got what I need. I am a game master. I study the game.

The Fool, and his Alternative

Download, and print yourself a free rpg, make your own cardboard boxed set, and put in your favourite sets of dice, character sheets, a print-out of all the tables you need, pencils, an eraser, and a sharpener. Makes a perfect gift, too.

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