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Basic Fantasy Supplements - Hit Points as Currency, &Pain, Tiny Magic Companion

These three of my Basic Fantasy supplements go together nicely.

Hit Points as Currency
(now titled Tiny Hit Point Companion)
Based on a house-rule for subdual damage, and a revision, and expansion of that rule.
The idea is quite simple. A character successfully attacks, rolls damage, and decides what to do with it: cut off the opponent's beard, disarm him, cause the chandelier to drop on him, display weapon mastery, and force a morale check, or dance the funky chicken to distract him, so that others get an attack bonus.
Oh, and that's just damage rolls, you can spend your characters hit points to do stuff, too. Buy modifiers, and cast spells, if it's a magic-user, or cleric (read the Tiny Magic Companion for complete rules.)


No critical hits, just pain. The companion expansion that allows (or gently forces) creatures & characters to transfer damage to pain. Actually makes characters think twice about attacking again, after their noses have been nudged. Damage has an effect on creatures, too: Attack penalties, slower movement rates, and they can pass out because of the pain.

Release 2 with minor adjustments, and alternative pain thresholds for creatures and characters depending on their number of hit dice.

Tiny Magic Companion

The standard magic system is safe. It was meant that way, and longer, more expensive spell research, and preparation times were welcomed by spell casters. Before that there was hit point magic (pain magic, ecstasy magic.) Pain magic, that required spell casters to release their life energy, and transform it into magical energy for spells. Some even used the life energy of other beings... This kind of magic had been outlawed by agents of the safe magic school, and its practicioners hunted down for ages.
Ecstasy magic was generally more pleasurable for all involved, but had been outlawed by the safe magic schools, nonetheless.

All supplements are distributed under the terms of the OGL 1.0a
Both OpenDocument (odt), and PDF files are available.
Hit Points as Currency
Tiny Magic Companion

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