Sonntag, Mai 18, 2014

And what about individual weapon damage?

I enjoy thinking about certain aspects of the game system, and trying to find solutions that work better with our (the group's) game. A simple system for secondary skills not based on abilities, nor class works better with our game than other ones, for example. But then I've come to realize, yet again, that my players may find different aspects of the game system to be more in need of optimization.So, despite the fact, that I introduced easy-to-use mechanics for pain, and combat maneuvers which I think significantly support options, and choices of the players regarding their characters' actions, one thing they (female, and male players alike) kept asking for since the first session was: When will we start using individual weapon damage?
Is it that individual weapon damage is an aspect of game reality easily identified as meaningful, whereas reconnaissance, parley, de-escalation strategies, ambush, combat tactics, etc. are not, because they are not part of the game system, but of playing the character?

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