Donnerstag, April 24, 2014

&Pain - a companion expansion for Basic Fantasy, and other old school role playing games

 &Pain - the easy-to-use companion expansion
for old school role playing games.
Add pain
What happens if you add pain to Basic Fantasy? You get Basic Fantasy &Pain (or Swords&Wizardry &Pain, if you add it to your Swords&Wizardry campaign.)

&Pain is distributed under the terms of the OGL 1.0a.
You can download the file at the Basic Fantasy website in the showcase section. Discussion of the supplement can take place in the forum.

&Pain - a companion expansion for Basic Fantasy (direct link to showcase section)
Basic Fantasy

Basic Fantasy auf Deutsch

&Schmerz wird ebenfalls auf der Basic Fantasy-Seite erhältlich sein, sobald ich den Text übersetzt bzw. geschrieben habe.

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