Sonntag, März 23, 2014

On the busy side of the screen

I was thinking about the amount of time and work gaming requires. I usually prefer game mastering to playing. Most of the rpg blogs seem to be run by game masters, and they seemingly spend a considerable amount of time, work, and money on their gaming activity (add some love to it, as well.)
Most of the players I knew, or know, roll up their characters, and attend the sessions to play.
But I feel that during the session, the players do most of the work.

I pictured the GM screen, me sitting on one side, players on the other, and I wondered: Which one is the busy side?

Because, although I prepare the game, and I am constantly alert, describing scenes, playing NPCs, and so on, the players have a much harder time: making choices for their player characters based upon their motivations, abilities, and the wish to survive.

And then there are puzzles, encounters with monsters, individual quests... As a GM I literally play safe. I have no character to lose. If the PCs defeat the monsters, fine! If they solve the puzzle, great! I enjoy all their victories.

So, I guess, that playing on the players' side of the screen (if any) keeps you a little busier.

I'll have to check that out, again. Haven't run with a player character for a long time.


Alexis Smolensk hat gesagt…

I was just writing something like this in the book I'm putting together, about what the players lose and what the DM's lose; I love seeing my thoughts in someone else's words. Confirms that I'm not crazy.

lars_alexander hat gesagt…

But - I am crazy. ;-)

I'm looking forward to reading your book, actually. Seems to be one of its kind, as there aren't many books on DMing.