Samstag, März 29, 2014

[magic item] Canoe of the Spirit Journey

Canoe of the Spirit Journey

This artifact is of unknown origin. It is a sturdy old canoe of normal size. There are no visible signs of its supernatural powers. Detect magic spells will yield no positive results.
Although worn by use it cannot be destroyed by normal means, nor by magic unless the caster is of level 12 or higher.
Travellers in the canoe are not affected by any kind of magic (apart from the canoe's powers.) Hit points heal at a rate of 1 hp every hour, and 3 hp for every hour of sleep. The aging process is slowed to a tenth of the usual rate.
The canoe allows travelling to the spirit world. However, no command word, or ritual is known to activate the power. There are rumors of an old man who made a journey to the spirit world in his youth. He entered it during the transition of day to night, and returned at dawn. He learned of many things there, and changed his way of life afterwards.

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