Sonntag, April 28, 2013

[magic item] Key of Guidance

Key of Guidance

Some keys and locks have a spell bestowed upon them that enables the bearer to find the lock the key is intended for. These magical locks cannot be found normally without the help of magic, and even then the key is necessary to unlock it. The lock can be additionally protected by magic, and traps.
The bearer needs a general idea where to look for the lock. A map can be of help, or a description by another person. Without this and the key the magic will prevent anyone to find the lock thusly protected. If the lock is outdoors, travellers will be led around the area. If indoors, people will fail to notice it at all.

Samstag, April 27, 2013

... Zwerg gewinnt und Gedanken zum Blog-Klicken

So, der Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day ist vorbei, die Spielleiterentscheidung getroffen: der einzige Teilnehmer, der einen Kommentar und eine E-Mail schrieb wurde vom Spielleiter ausgewählt und erhält das PDF der Knockspell-Ausgabe Nummer 1. Möge die Tür zum Rollenspiel der Alten Schule damit weit geöffnet werden.

Ein paar Gedanken zur Beteiligung

Dieser Blog hat wenige Leser.
  • Von diesen wenigen Lesern ist nur ein Teil an old school Rollenspiel interessiert,
  • ein anderer Teil klickt möglicherweise fast sämtliche halbwegs interessant wirkenden Artikel der RSP-Blogliste an, überfliegt die Einträge und klickt dann weiter.
  • Der übrige Teil dieser Klicks besteht aus Referrer-Spam.
Kommentiert wird selten, auch 'likes' werden kaum verteilt.

Das scheint mir okay so.
Und das war's schon mit den Gedanken. - Nee, war's nicht, aber ich schreib' jetzt nichts weiter dazu.

Move along. Play a game.

Sonntag, April 21, 2013

Swuff&Slobosh - A house in the forest

The two brave adventurers started out from Morgansfort and began their hexcrawl into the wilderness following a map they got from the bandits who ambushed them in the previous session.
Initially they wanted to explore the Olde Island Fortress but were convinced by patrons of the Toothless Dragon to postpone this expedition until they could hire a few helping hands. Swuff being a dwarf and a treasure-hunter understood the dangers of a ruined building (unstable walls and ceilings) and decided to wait until they'd took the time to properly scout the island, and get some help with the exploration.
The map led them to a building in the forest, situated quietly on a clearing beside a small hill. The windows had been nailed shut from the outside, bushes, flowers, and vines had grown all over the place.
The key accompanying the map opened the heavy door. Swuff&Slobosh explored the building, found two inhabitants, a couple, who had turned into undead skeletons and attacked the visitors, and unlocked a secret room with a weird well and water basin. Slobosh was downed by one skeleton, patched-up by Swuff and hauled back to Morgansfort to be treated by Father Thelbain just in time.

They found some treasure, a library of books and maps, and left with an inkling that there might be some secrets they have not found, yet. They'll be back, for sure.

We use Basic Fantasy and Morgansfort, and currently simplify weapon damage: 1d6 for all weapons.

Üenya - Petty Goddess of Lost Tunes

This goddess is so petty, it's not going to be included in the awesome PETTY GODS book by Gorgonmilk and the OSR.  I got the idea for her only an hour ago, and thought, well: she's the right petty goddess, so I'm going to write about her.

Where do my lost tunes go?

I am a musician. I hummed, whistled and sang improvised tunes since childhood, played tunes on flute, piano, and electric guitar. A few weeks ago a I added an electric bass-guitar to my equipment list.

I often wonder, and it is one thing I am also interested in from an academic point of view, what happens to all the tunes that I and others hum, and sing, and improvise, but then get lost, or forgotten, because they were not recorded, not notated, not memorised and rehearsed.

I started to record this kind of doodling some years ago, and the results were often more complex, interesting and fresh than those of sessions where I sat down to 'compose' a song rationally.

This spur-of-the-moment improvisation and its connection to the process of composition I find quite interesting. I read about it, I write down my own thoughts, and findings, I talk to other students, and musicians about it. But this post is not about music education or music psychology.

I want to give an explanation to the phenomenon from another point of view:
A deity who represents the complex process of finding and losing spontaneously invented tunes and whose existence may soothe the poor musicians' soul, knowing that his or her musical inventions are neither lost, nor pass without notice, because Üenya the Goddess of Lost Tunes is always listening.

*This is a draft version.

Symbol: An egg engraved with mouth and flute
Talisman: Any kind of instrument will do, vocalists will use their voice, of course.
Alignment: Neutral (Good)
Movement: (I don't know, yet)
Armor Class: 17
Hit Points (HD): 12 (3d4)
Attacks: 1, or spell (using one of the lost tunes to charm, bless, put to sleep, attack with annoying earworms, or force dancing/jam session*)
Damage: 1d4, or special
Save: C12
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: Special - Memory of Lost Tunes
XP: -

Üenya may bless her followers (, or anyone she chooses) with a mnemonic enhancement that allows them to memorize 1d4+1 complete tunes and recall them whenever needed. She may bless with an 'instrinsic' motivation to pick up a instrument (, or singing, or dancing), and practice deligilently until mastery is achieved after years of study and performance.

Reaction Table (2d6)
2 Delighted: Will initiate jam-session with all attendants of any alignment. Anyone who participates will feel better (heal 1d2 hp), and will have their reactions shifted +4 towards the positive end of the scale, as will those who listen only.
3-4 Friendly: Will dance around, chatting, and flirting and singing, probably digging up some of the lost tunes the listeners invented when they were younger.
5-6 Indifferent: Will move around, listening, and waiting for tunes, rhythmic patterns, or fragments thereof.
7-8 Annoyed: Will move around, humming to herself, ignoring others. May make listeners feel bad about having stopped those music lessons a while ago.
9-11 Unfriendly: Will hum annoying earworm, distracting anyone within hearing range: Attack -1.
12 Hostile and Wicked: Will bestow characters with a few of the worst lost earworm tunes, ever (no saving throw allowed: Attack and Save at -4, no spell-casting possible.

Freitag, April 19, 2013

Information overload - content-heavy blog posts for a rules-light role-playing game

I am not going to read all the blog posts that have been published for the Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day. I wanted to a while ago - when there were about twenty plus something blogs signed up for the event. Then people got euphoric and 140 bloggers participated.
I was awed, and I'm well thankful for Tenkar's Tavern, Dorkland, Matt Finch and all the Swords&Wizardry folks and the bloggers. I speed-read quite a few blogs, got inspired and then had to realize that it was simply too much for me. As if 140 bloggers posted the combined content of a year's work in one single day.

What a relief to know that the link list to the S&W blog posts can be found at Tenkar's Tavern.
So, I guess I should go there once in a while and pick a post to read rather than trying to read it all in one day, or a week.
It sure looks like a buffet, but I can go there more than twice, and need not pile-up as much as possible on my plate in one go.

By the way, there is an excellent post on The Nine and Thirteen Kingdoms blog titled "Why I prefer OD&D".

Mittwoch, April 17, 2013

Some Love for S&W - Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day

It triggers fun all the way.
Swords&Wizardry (White Box) by Marv Breig
based on Matt Finch's S&W Rules
available at Lulu

Information overload. So much appreciation on one day.

Today's the day 

April 17th, the day to show some appreciation for a so-called retro clone role-playing game. There has been a similar appreciation day for the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game by Chris Gonnerman that was held on January 31st.

Now, it is Matt Finch's Swords&Wizardry that get its share of appreciation, and a fine share it is!
Nigh 140 bloggers will be contributing today and (hopefully) reach countless readers who will then be readied to pick up their free copies of light sets of rules, grab their polyhedral dice, and venture forth into the dungeons and the wilderness of old school role-playing games!

If you need a little help to open that first dungeon door ... Mad-Kyndalanth gives away issue #1 of Matt Finch's Knockspell magazine. Read here for more information.

Swords&Wizardry on Mad-Kyndalanth

So, what can I say. I like Swords&Wizardry, and rifling through my blogposts of the last year or so ...
I got all the rules ...

So, here's my background story with Swords&Wizardry. I downloaded S&W Core rules first and didn't read them. I had probably found them by using the Stumble Upon extension for Firefox that had cost me many hours of sleep. At that time I wasn't aware of the OSR scene. I had been tinkering with a collection of thoughts, essays, and interpretations of the AD&D 2nd Edition game, but lost motivation because I thought nobody was interested in that kind of game anymore.
Then I stumbled over the OSR scene, downloaded free PDF files of different games, and read them. So, there I was, among the early edition games. And wow!
I fell in love with Swords&Wizardry, was awed by OSRIC, and got well aquainted with Basic Fantasy which turned into a nice friendship.
The first OGL book I bought was Labyrinth Lord in German (Herr der Labyrinthe), then the Basic Fantasy softcover, the PDF version of S&W Complete, then Swords&Wizardry White Box softcover, then OSRIC 2.3 as a softcover, and then S&W Core as a hardcover.

I am well satisfied with the collection of rules. And I like the fact that material created for one of them can be used with the others, as well.

What I love about Swords&Wizardry

It triggers fun all the way.

Do I have to elaborate that point? You see, there are some things that you have to experience yourself. What you want to do is:
  1. Get a free PDF of the Swords&Wizardry rules, White Box or Core.
  2. Get a set of polyhedral dice (colorful ones, I'd suggest)
  3. Read the chapter on character creation and roll up a few characters (3d6 in order, no cheating), and try to imagine what these little dungeon-delving adventurers may look like. Equip them, note a few sentences regarding their demeanor, attitude, and background story. Just a few notes. And you'll see, they're already a part of your imagination, and eager to explore what worlds lie ahead.
Now, get your friends together and play an introductory adventure. There are plenty.

 Click the above logo to find all
the Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day related posts on Tenkar's Tavern

The D20swsrd site has all the rules online, if you'd like to browse
through the rules.

Dienstag, April 16, 2013

DM's Fiat - Spielleiterentscheidung zum S&W Appreciation Day

Knockspell #1
mit einem wunderbaren Cover von

Das Portal zur Welt des Rollenspiels Alter Schule

Matt Finch, Autor des Swords&Wizardry Rollenspiels Alter Schule, verloste zwei PDF-Ausgaben des Rollenspielmagazins Knockspell, einer Fan-Publikation von und für Spieler von Retroklonen wie OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord (Herr der Labyrinthe), Swords&Wizardry und Basic Fantasy.
Eine Ausgabe steht Mad-Kyndalanth zur Verfügung und wird nun weitergegeben.

Das Knockspell beinhaltet Artikel, Abenteuer und sonstiges Spielmaterial für Rollenspiele Alter Schule.

Wenn ich mich nicht irre, verweist der Titel des Magazins auf den Zauberspruch Knock (the knock spell), der verwendet wird, um verschlossene und widerspenstige Türen zu öffnen.

In diesem Sinne wird Mad-Kyndalanths Spielleiter die erste Ausgabe (Issue #1) des Knockspells Magazins an eine interessierte Leserin (oder Leser) weitergeben, so dass damit die Tür zum wunderbaren Rollenspiel Alter Schule geöffnet werden kann.

Spielleiterentscheidung (DM's fiat)

Es findet keine Verlosung statt und keine Würfelei seitens des Spielleiters, sondern eine Leserin oder ein Leser wird, der Willkür des Spielleiters folgend, ausgewählt. *finsteres Spielleiterlachen*
Falls Du interessiert bist und Dich traust, einen Blick durch die Tür und hinein in die Welt der old school dungeons zu werfen, dann hinterlasse einen Kommentar zu diesem Artikel und schreibe eine e-Mail an den Spielleiter von Mad-Kyndalanth. (Die Adresse ist im Blogger-Profil links auf der Seitenleiste zu finden.)
Freundliche Kommentare und e-Mails könnten bevorzugt werden.

DM's fiat

Knockspell Issue #1 will be given to one reader who writes both a comment to this post and an e-Mail to Mad-Kyndalanth's DM (you'll find the adress in the blogger profile on the left sidebar.) No raffle, no dice-rolling, just plain old mean DM's fiat. The DM might be partial to nice comments and mails.

Hier ist eine kleine Linkliste für Leute, die S&W kennenlernen wollen

Mythmere Games (Kostenloser Download der Swords&Wizardry White Box, S&W Core Rules)
Tales of the Frog God (Swords&Wizardry Complete Rules und Spielmaterial)
Frog God Games Tsathogga's Blog (mit einer Liste der teilnehmenden Blogs)
Tenkar's Tavern (Artikel zum Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day und komplette Liste der teilnehmenden Blogs)

Und zur weiteren Information
Es sind mittlerweile fast 140 Blogs, die am Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day teilnehmen! Für interessierte und neugierige Rollenspielfreunde (und noch lose Bekanntschaften) wird es damit am 17. April 2013 eine Menge zu lesen geben.

Das Logo zum offiziellen
Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day

Sonntag, April 07, 2013

Nebenfertigkeiten in Basic Fantasy

In der kleinen Basic Fantasy Runde mit beginnenden Spielern (d.h. ohne Rollenspielerfahrung) kommen Nebenfertigkeiten (secondary skills) zum Einsatz.
Zwei Fertigkeiten durften die Spieler für ihre Charaktere Swuff & Slobosh frei wählen. Slobosh (Dieb) lernte das Handwerk des Tischlers und übte den Beruf des Kuriers aus, bevor er sich ins Abenteuer stürzte. Swuff, der Zwergenkämpfer, ist Dolmetscher (spricht, versteht, liest und schreibt sowohl Zwergisch, die Menschensprache, Elfisch und die Sprache der Alten Tierwesen ...) und professioneller Schatzsucher, der den Gerüchten über Schätze in alten Ruinen um Morgansfort nachgehen will.
Ich musste bei den Kombinationen schmunzeln. Sollten sie in und um Morgansfort einmal Abstand vom Abenteueralltag nehmen wollen, gibt es sicherlich etwas für Tischler und Dolmetscher zu tun.

Der Einsatz der Fertigkeiten wird von den Spielern beschrieben. Die Dolmetscherfertigkeit erlaubt es Swuff, die genannten Sprachen (ohne Würfelprobe) zu verstehen. Und als professioneller Schatzsucher kennt er sich mit Karten aus, kann Expeditionen planen, Beute verhökern und buddeln. Slobosh kann sämtliche Routinearbeiten seines Handwerks erledigen, Reparaturen durchführen usw. Als Kurier kennt er bestimmte Protokolle, geheime Zeichen der Kuriere, kann reiten und Karten lesen.
Proben, falls erforderlich, erfolgen für gewöhnlich mit 1W6.

Ich verwende Morgansfort für die Basic Fantasy Kampagne in Sandbox-Art. Neben den Dungeons im Buch, kommen eigene kleine ein-seitige Abenteuer und Zufallsbegegnungen zum Einsatz. Nichts ungewöhnliches und leicht vorzubereiten.

[magic item] Weird Map of Life-Like Illusion

Weird Map of Life-Like Illusion

These rare and treasured maps were cut from demon-hide and enchanted by the grim dwarves of the white coast. It is said that, although quite a few had been made, the dwarf who originally researched and created them tried to destroy them after he witnessed some of his apprentices become obsessed with using them, mapping areas and sharing or trading them with other weird map cartographers.

At first glance they contain little more than a few scribbles and drawings, but upon command the map will project a tiny life-like projection of the mapped area as seen when the map was drawn. Trees will sway in the wind, water will flow down the river, maybe animals will hurry by. All shown objects are translucent so that mapped dungeons can be viewed, although the walls of stone will dim the view a little.

These maps can be re-drawn upon command, but the previous map will be lost.

These maps are similar to the Memory Tablet of the Eye. The Globe of Mapping might be of interest to cartographers, too.

Freitag, April 05, 2013

Matt Finch hat gewürfelt ...

Neue Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day Logos sind auf Tenkar's Tavern zu finden

Matt Finch verloste eben zwei Knockspell Ausgaben als PDF an Blogs, die am Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day teilnehmen. Mad-Kyndalanth ist einer der beiden Gewinner und somit wird das Knockspell-PDF zum 17.April, dem Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day, einem Mad-Kyndalanth Leser geschenkt werden. Wem genau, wird noch zu geeigneter Zeit ermittelt.

Donnerstag, April 04, 2013

91 Teilnehmer beim Swords&Wizardry Blog Appreciation Day!

Es sind so viele und es kommen immer mehr!
Wie in Tenkar's Tavern zu hören ist, sind es mittlerweile 91 teilnehmende Blogs. Es gibt ein paar Gewinne, die unter den Teilnehmern verlost werden und Matt Finch, Autor von Swords&Wizardry, überlegt zur Zeit, ob die Beiträge für zukünftige Knockspell-Magazine verwendet werden sollen oder ob ein freies PDF mit sämtlichen Beiträge veröffentlicht wird.

Montag, April 01, 2013

Lieblingslieder als Rollenspiele

Glgfnz hat von der Seifenkiste herab damit angefangen, Lieblingslieder für Rollenspiele zu finden. De Malspöler und Niniane haben weitergemacht.

Ich beteilige mich mit folgenden Titeln:

Freak Kitchen Nobody's Laughing (Move) - DSA
Blind Guardian The Bard's Song: In the Forest (Somewhere far Beyond) - AD&D 2nd Edition
Jethro Tull We used to know (Stand Up) - DSA1 (der Nostalgie wegen)
Uriah Heep The Easy Road (Wonderworld) - Das Saga-System
Graveyard I ain't fit to live here (Hisingen Blues) - beliebiges Cthulhu-Spiel
Gnarls Barkley Who's gonna save my soul now (The Odd Couple) - FATE ;-)
Billie Holiday One of for my Baby, and one more for the road - Star Wars WEG (d6) und für so eine schöne Cantina-Szene mit einsamen melancholischen Möchtegernjedis und betrunkenen außerirdischen Piloten :D
Duke Ellington/John Coltrane In a sentimental mood (Duke Ellington & John Coltrane) - Shadowrun (for f*%?ing violent shoot-out scenes)
Melody Gardot Our Love is Easy (My One and Only Thrill) - Swords&Wizardry/Basic Fantasy
Elvis Presley Gentle on My Mind (The Memphis Record) - Risus

Fast vergessen:
Electric Wizard Barbarian (Dopethrone) - Malmsturm

Kein Lieblingslied, aber passend
Dauner/Süverkrüp Aufpasserlied (Das Auto Blubberbum) - Shadowrun (bei Fabrikinfiltration)