Sonntag, September 01, 2013

How You Got Started - 30 Day D&D Blog Challenge

I'm a bit confused ... Who started the blog challenge? Tenkar linked to Polar Bear Dreams and Stranger Things. Anyway, it's day one.

How I got started with D&D

I started playing roleplaying games with "Das Schwarze Auge - Die Helden des Schwarzen Auges". Word reached us that D&D was kinda weird and had ridiculous rules (only thieves can move silently, AC, no parry, and stuff) so I stayed away from it for a while. But eventually I wanted to read the English version of the D&D rules, and put them on my birthday wish list, asking specifically for the D&D Basic Set. I got AD&D 2nd Edition PHB and DMG for my 14th (?) birthday.

Still got both books, and like them.

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