Dienstag, September 03, 2013

Favourite Playable Class - 30 Day D&D Challenge

Quick Krita sketch.
My Favourite Playable Class

It is the thief. So, no strictly white box for me. I like the other classes, too, and though I'm not prejudiced against one or the other, somehow I like the thief class best.
It's the probably about the climbing sheer surfaces, disarming traps, and other neat feats special abilities. Cast aside the stereotypes and you can have tall thieves, strong thieves, intelligent thieves, ugly thieves, wise thieves, thieves without cloaks, thieves with not just daggers and knives, thieves who flirt with fighters, thieves who backstab only for a greater cause (how ridiculous does that sound?), thieves who steal hearts instead of gold-necklaces, and some thieves who give their own in return.

Thieves can be pretty versatile characters. Female thieves rock. Taking my favourite playable character race into account, I'd pick a human female thief.

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