Freitag, September 06, 2013

Favourite Deity - 30 Day D&D Challenge

Üenya - Petty Goddes of Lost Tunes
My favourite deity

You might remember the 80-ies series Robin of Sherwood. (And you will probably know Ray Winstone, who starred as Will Scarlet, from some fine movies such as The Proposition, or Tracker.)

There was the mysterious character named Herne the Hunter who laid a quest on Robin, gave him weapons, and healed him when necessary. A crazy old hermit with a few magic tricks, or a minor deity.
I read the entry on Herne in the AD&D 2nd Edition Legends&Lore book, and I have to say, although I didn't like the description therein that much, the mysterious character of Herne is still my favourite deity.
Apart from the Petty Goddess of Lost Tunes, Üenya, of course.

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