Montag, September 09, 2013

Favourite Characters Not Played - 30 Day D&D Challenge

All the characters not played are still waiting in line
to get into the Dungeon.
My name is Legion, cause we're many

DMs get to play all the time, but not with their own player characters. I couldn't list, nor do I remember all the characters I created for D&D and then not played them. There were many.

I always enjoy creating NPCs, minor or major. So, why worry about my own PC when I create whole worlds and each of their inhabitants, and travellers.

Well, concentrating on playing just one character can be a challenge, and rewarding, too. Acting on stage in theatre I find playing one role relaxing, while as a DM running a 'whole world' can be a little taxing at times.

I'd like to play in a few one-shot games in the future. Especially with Fate Accelerated - for which I created a few characters already.

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