Sonntag, September 08, 2013

Favourite Character Played - 30 Day D&D Challenge

AD&D 2nd Edition half-elven bard in the dungeon
sings your fear away.
My favourite D&D character (played)

Trouble is that I actually played D&D as a player on a very few occasions. I created many characters, of course, but they were used as NPCs only, if at all. There was this one half-elven bard, that I played once. I mentioned him elsewhere on the blog, and I feel most of the information given here is redundant ... Anyway, I liked the bard, and got to play him for about one or two game sessions.

Never played D&D as a player after that.

Telecanter's Receding Rules offers a nice take on bards and their songs. And then, of course, there is THE Bard's Song by Blind Guardian.

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