Dienstag, September 10, 2013

Craziest Thing Happened - 30 Day D&D Challenge

'You know, TPKs shouldn't exist in the first place.'
Craziest thing happened playing D&D

The first ever AD&D session with my players had been cut short by a total party kill (tpk). We were used to playing Das Schwarze Auge where characters had around 30 hit points at first level, and weapon damage was around 1d6+3. I think I allowed the AD&D player characters to start with maximum number of possible hit points: 4 to 10. The whole group was cut down during the first encounter. We started over, or something.
My players already hated AD&D. They wanted to play heroes of myth and movie magic. Not mages who could only cast one measly spell per day, and warriors who got slain in the first round.

Now, in contrast my Basic Fantasy group who consists solely of players who never played a pen&paper rpg before manage to evade encounters, and minimize damage far better - and their characters' hit points vary from 1 to 4. It's a party with three magic-users and a thief: two elves, a human, and a halfling. Maybe the new players are smarter ...

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