Dienstag, August 27, 2013

Risus Genius (?)

I was trying to imagine the immense ingenuity of S. John Ross. Humbled I was. I thought to myself: That guy must be a genius, creating such a useful, playable and fun set of rules, and the great Great Companion, too. He must be immensely rich, surely, given that millions of roleplaying gamers bought and collected all sorts of needless rules, and supplements for games either unplayable, or boring. Every single one of them must have bought (at least) one copy of the Risus Companion, so that's tens of millions of dollars. Better yet, millions of roleplaying gamers who own and play the Perfect Set of Rules (7), and probably a few shabby editions of D&D, too.
I could be envious of his achievement; but why bother: I got my own copy of the Risus Companion, so I'm happy, and have fun with it.

Thanks a bunch, Mr. Ross.

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