Dienstag, August 27, 2013

No more ability score prequisites for character classes

I like the Swords&Wizardry White Box approach of character creation without the ability score prequisites for specific character classes. So, one of the house rules I'm going to write down for my Basic Fantasy group is this:
  • No ability score prequisites. Roll 3d6 in order, pick your class.
It's not really innovative, I know.* But there's no reason not to like the old stuff. (Except that new stuff generally sells better; or has to be marketed better in order to convince people to leave the old stuff, and get the new stuff.)

Oh, you might say: "But magic-users need to be intelligent enough to read and speak languages, so INT 9 is a reasonable requirement for the class."
And I say: "Yes, maybe that was when the PC learned magic. But then something strange happened and he got dumbed down. Like - by the Evil Sorcerer's Mind Control spell, or something."

No, really. I never liked the INT table for languages. (Read here as to why.) And why not play a really, really silly slow-thinking wizard? It's a game, isn't it? When the players generated new characters the other day, one of them created a magic-user with STR 15, DEX 13, and INT 14. These are fine scores to pick any of the basic classes. Though with WIS 7 a cleric would normally not be allowed. But then again, why not play a slightly foolish cleric who is strong, nimble, and can solve puzzles?

*I just remembered that I speed-read the 9and30kingdoms' post on a similar topic, yesterday. So, there may be a connection why my brain came up with this post, today.

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