Sonntag, August 04, 2013

Morgansfort has new visitors

Our small Basic Fantasy group got together spontaneously, and decided (because one player didn't bring his character sheet along) to roll up new characters just for the fun of it, and because they wanted to play a little riskier without losing their already dear characters Swuff&Lobosh.
So, 3d6 in order they went, and out came the elven mage Malanja (if I recall correctly,) and a young halfling thief named Luro.
Malanja being about 120 years old took two secondary skills: weaponsmithing at master skill, and mountaineering at advanced skill level.
Since there are no secondary skills in the Basic Fantasy game, I house-rule that part. There are five skill-levels: beginner, advanced, expert, master, grand-master. Skills can be aquired during the game, or chosen at character creation. I always disliked elves with a starting age of a-hundred-something-plus with just as little skill and competence than any human teenaged fighter.
Secondary skills do not have anything to do with attributes, or experience level. The latter has more to do with heroicness, renown, fame, and importance to the story. Secondary skills do not hurt the game system.
Yes, Malanja is a mage, and although she is not allowed to use a sword (without a penalty to the attack roll, anyway), she can make one. And think of the magic weapons she will be able to forge after she gained a few levels!
I liked the idea, and since the player rolled a nice STR 15, DEX 13 (and still chose to play a magic-user) I went along with it.
Luro is an advanced mountaineer, as well, and so the players decided the two adventurers would have met somewhere climbing.

We had a lot of fun with those random encounter tables, and exploration. The two defeated a large dire wolf whose head and fur is now on display at the Toothless Dragon Inn, fought a giant hawk, two orc bandits, and met a strange hermit who lives in a ruined tower. All in one short gaming session.

Great game. And they enjoyed their riskier playing style - meaning: they got to explore more, and gained more experience!

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