Dienstag, August 27, 2013

[magic item] Magic Message Marbles

An apprentice of the Northern Forest Magic School got tired of his errand runs through the labyrinth of the underground libraries, and by forging a witty letter, and sending it to the Dwarven Sorcerers of the South, had them create a crate full of magical items. He was immediatley kicked out of the school when the package arrived, but took a sack of the magical items with him, leaving the crate half empty.

The magical items he asked for are Magic Message Marbles, and have some useful properties. They work with command words, can be enlarged, or shrinked, and travel magically (by rolling on the ground) to any chosen destination. However, setting the correct destination is tricky. The sender may have to know the location, and be able to recall a strong mental image of it, prior to giving the command to travel.

Magic Message Marbles

The marbles can be enlarged to a globe with a 1' diameter, and then inscribed with a message. Either marble, or globe-sized they will travel upon command and find their destination unerringly. They travel at a speed of 120'.


Tarin hat gesagt…

Nice one!
I like that picture of a message marble rolling up a hill, because it has to delive the message to that old grumpy magician in his mountaintop fortress :)

lars_alexander hat gesagt…

And I was thinking marbles rolling through dungeons, delivering messages between orcs (who got hold of the apprentice...) about those pesky dungeon intruders trying to loot the Grim Troll's temple.