Donnerstag, August 15, 2013

[magic item] Knife of Wand-Whittling

The travelling wand-whittlers of Arcath Lea not only make the finest wands and prepare them for various enchantments; they are known to work with knives that some claim allow for the magic to transfer better into the wands. However, since some of the travelling wand-whittlers recently set up a knife business, these rumors could have been spread intentionally to further their sales.

The rumors regarding the Arcath Lea Wand-Whittling Knife describe it as having the following properties.

Knife of Wand-Whittling
  • The wielder never cuts himself.
  • Any magical effect placed on the wand gets an additional +1 (or +5%) bonus. E.g. a wand of healing restores an additional hit point of damage.
  • Wands created with the knife are especially durable, and can contain 25% more charges.

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