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Just add bards? - Usherwood Adventures' Updated Expansion for OSRIC

James D. Kramer's Expansion for OSRIC.
Blazing skull, bards, and psi-powers!

I recently ordered Usherwood Adventures' Expansion for OSRIC (updated 2nd Edition) via Lulu. It comes in that handy A5 format just like the updated 2.3 version of OSRIC. Fits nicely on a small bookshelf, into pockets and bags, and on gaming tables.
The Expansion was written by game-designer James D. Kramer who also writes a blog. (You'll find a dragon's hoard worth of inspiring and usable game material there, too! Great maps for the Usherwood Adventures Campaign.)

Take OSRIC, Add Bards

OSRIC being a 1e clone, or rather THE 1e clone, does not offer the bard character class in the core rules. Bards are 2e, or expanded 1e. I loved the concept of the bard character class being a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none, and I actually played one. The unfortunate guy headed into a large dungeon with a group of weird people, and got lost, because the players never got around to play another session of AD&D. Such was the prejudice of the time. They'd rather play ... Star Wars WEG, I guess? Anyway, I liked the concept, and figured I'd be some kind of bard myself one day. Only that recently I found out I was a dual-classing monk/ranger. (Read here.)

Usherwood Adventures does quite a lot for OSRIC. Adventures for once. And other game resources such as the setting Vermé.

Why would you expand OSRIC?
  • Well, it's cheap, quick, and easy. (You're old school, so you're into that.)
  • You get bards - among dragon hoardlings, half-orcs, and other cool stuff.
  • You get a great new system for psionics! With enough material to spark off a new setting. I mean, really. I owned Dark Sun, and the Psionics Handbook, but this take on psi-powers I find is less cumbersome, and great fun to implement. I might tweak it a little and use it with Basic Fantasy.
  • You'll find optional rules for multiple personalities (and their different alignments!) How wicked is that!
  • New spells for clerics, druids, and mages. (Check out Vomitus for druids, and then think again, if druids were too boring.)
  • New Monsters. Quite a lot, and good for a few nightmares.
  • Different kinds of bards.
  • Monks. Yes! Martial arts, enlightenment, and stuff!
  • The Jack-of-all-Trades. We're talking renaissence man, pulp gentleman hero! This class gives you quite a few options of character development. Far beyond basic - and a little too much for me, but there are those who'll love it!
Will I use it? I read it, and I'll browse through it occasionally. Since I play Basic Fantasy, I use OSRIC as a resource for random tables, mainly. So, I might knick a few ideas, and gradually introduce psionics at some point in the campaign.


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