Sonntag, August 25, 2013

FAE Character Rick Starborn

I received my print-copy of FATE Accelerated yesterday. Before I will write anything remotely resembling a review, I'm going to create a few characters. Here's the first one.

I was thinking science fiction, and remembered an old animated movie I saw back when I was a kid. It was called Time Masters, and a little difficult to understand. The movie had been split into several episodes, I think. Anyway, I remembered the boy, and decided to create a character who is space-faring boy with a starship.

It took only a few minutes. The Chi-Powers will probably be renamed to something more sci-fi-themed. The Space-Ship-Friend has to be described in a few sentences. But the notes are enough to trigger a few scenes in my imagination. A first digital sketch of the character has been begun, as well.

Rick Starborn

Aged 14

High Concept: The space-faring Boy whose friend is a Super-Intelligent Space-Ship

Trouble: My friends' adversaries are mine, too.

#1 I can connect to virtually anything via my extraordinary Chi-Powers.
#2 Don't call me lazy, that makes me angry; and when I'm angry I become ambitious to really impress you.

Stunts: Because of my Chi-Powers I'm so in tune with my surroundings that I get a +2 when I move gracefully and quickly when running, or parcouring through difficult terrain.

Approaches: +3 Sneaky; +2 Quick; +2 Flashy; +1 Clever; +1 Careful; +0 Forceful

Refresh 3

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