Dienstag, Juli 09, 2013

[magic item] Ring of Rulership

There have been rumors regardings its source, and the craftsmen who made it. Among those who travel the northern paths of the Westlin Mountains an ambitions man is mentioned, who after being consumed by self-hatred and loathing against the world sought the help of forces from beyond and received the ring as part of a pact. Those traveller keep their silence when asked what he offered in return.

Ring of Rulership

It has been described as a fine golden ring with set-in diamonds, then as a ring wrought of green metal in the shape of vines. There may have been rings of similar properties and powers. This one seems to be made of silver with marks of magic cast upon it.

The ring grants the wearer a modifier of up to 6 on reaction rolls, that can be applied in either way (added, or subtracted). This mirrors the power to manipulate people and their reactions.
The ring does work on creatures of magic, demons, and dragons, and even on the undead.
Other powers granted are a +3 bonus on all saving throws, +2 on attacks, and the maximum number of retainers is doubled, their morale being boosted by +4.

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