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Do something different today - The Shadowrun Technomancer

Chris Gonnerman wrote an article called The Single Creator Syndrome in which he pinpoints one serious issue of gamemastering and playing roleplaying games. I picked the thought up and applied it to my single character type syndrome with the Shadowrun game. I played one gang member who gained some kind of underground fame, and switched to physical adepts after that. When I rolled up a character after purchasing the Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition I came up with the grand idea of a physical adept troll - named Cookiemonster. Single character type syndrome.
I always disliked street samurais, although I created several and used them as NPCs. I never got around to playing a magician, and the idea of the technomancer that I encountered with SR4 didn't grip my interest, either.
So, then it happened that I read of the Shadowrun character creation software Chummer, which I then downloaded. And last night after reading the Single Creator Syndrome I created a character using Chummer - a technomancer.

I'm not used to the concept of the Technomancer within the Shadowrun Universe, but I know the Matrix (movies), and studied my William Gibson. As mentioned elsewhere Shadowrun character generation can take a while with all the page-flipping if you haven't memorised the book.
The Chummer software gives you a mouse-over index for all entries, so it is quite easy to navigate the creation process with one hand on the mouse, and the other browsing through the Core Rules. What's a Sprite? Ah, right, look up page 88. And what kind of sprites can I choose? Page 242. Nice!


So, here's my technomancer. I still cling to some concepts like the martial arts, and the squatter lifestyle, but I can try something different from that another day.
He's a rather average runner, has yet to make use of his potential, and thus a lot to learn. His Mandarin is excellent (something I am far from), and he knows Hong Kong quite well, albeit by browsing through maps in the matrix. He grew up in Seattle, awakened in his teens, and dropped out in his early twenties and onto the streets where he joined a community of squatters. With his gift he managed to escape the concrete walls, and wide corridors of abandoned buildings by entering the matrix.
He hides his technomancy, though, and carries a cheap standard commlink for everyday use. Being a loner he shuns contacts, works some night jobs occasionally, helps with translation, and practices his technomancy skills.
Still looking for a purpose in life. Likes VR games.

I like to think of him as a wandering novice technomancer who is being harassed by Watcher spirits for reasons unknown to him. He dislikes magic, and is a little unsure as to what to think of his own gift.

Weather Sans

human (male), 24, 1,73m, 69kg, brown hair, blue eyes, squatter lifestyle.


Qualities: Guts, Photographic Memory, Resistance to Pathogens and Toxins, Technomancer; Sensitive System, SINner (Standard), Mild Addiction (Alcohol), Spirit Bane (Watcher).

Skills: Blades 2 (Swords), Unarmed Combat 1 (Martial Arts), Pistols 3 (Semi-Automatics), Dodge 2, First Aid 1, Perception 2, Shadowing 1 (Tail Evasion), Survival 2 (Urban).
Skill Groups: Influence 1, Athletics 1, Electronics 1, Cracking 1, Tasking 2,

Knowledge Skills: English (N); Mandarin 6 (Read/Write), Alcohol 1, Area Knowledge Hong Kong 2, Area Knowledge Seattle 3, Chinese Philosophy 3.

Living Persona: Response 4 (5), System 3, Firewall 3, Signal 3.
Biofeedback Filter 4.
Complex Forms: Reality Filter 2.

Armor: clothing (x3), lined coat.
Weapons: survival knife, katana, Colt Manhunter (quick-draw holster); Remington 990, shock glove.
Gear: 10 shotgun rounds (flechette); 40 regular rounds, 4 spare clips (Colt Manhunter), biomonitor, certified credstick, datachip (x2), flashlight, GPS, holo projector, medkit (2), stim patch (2), survival kit, VR games, Meta Link.

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