Donnerstag, Juli 11, 2013

Basic Fantasy and Alignment

I noticed it before when I read the rules the first time, and when we started our campaign, but just seconds ago I realized it again, and all its beauty.
There are no rules for alignment in the Basic Fantasy RPG.
Spells such as Detect Evil come with the hint that the Game Master defines what Evil is.

This makes a game world different from one played with other 0e systems. Alignment can be used as a general guideline, as a tool, but there are quite a few game mechanics connected to alignment that effect the game world. Think of the alignment languages - which, I think, is an intrigueing concept. In a game world where Law and Chaos, Good and Evil are essential character actions can, and must be based on alignment, and the consequences are real. The system, and thus rules of alignment, define the game world.

What happens to an 0e game world, if alignment no longer is part of the rules?

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