Samstag, Juni 22, 2013

[RSP-Karneval] Old School Dumpstats - Part 3

So, Charisma is your dumpstat, right?

Think of several characters with different Charisma scores, let's say: 15, 7, and 12.
Answer these questions before you think of using Charisma as a dumpstat.
  • Will the character attack the foe with the highest Charisma? Will the PC have mercy on the foes who are least likeable?
  • Who will get the better pay, or reward at the end of the quest? The PC with the lowest CHA-stat?
  • Who is more likely to get a positive reaction on any encounter roll?
  • Who will be approached by the guards looking for suspicious individuals strolling the town?
  • In a horror scenario (or any other): Who will get the gorgeous lady/handsome guy?*
 * Which reminds me: I'v yet to publish the stat block for gorgeous ladies, and handsome guys.

Hier gibt's Teil 1 und Teil 2 des kleinen RSP-Karnevalbeitrags zum Thema Dumpstats.

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