Dienstag, Mai 14, 2013

[magic item] Sendrick's Box of Voices

There are rumors that Sendrick had stolen the enchantment from the grim dwarves of the white coast, others want to report that he was merely distributing these objects for one of the dwarven apprentices.
The Boxes of Voices caused a similar stir as the Weird Maps of Life-Like Illusion with owners now trapping voices, and using them for all kinds of mischief.

Box of Voices

These rare boxes are cubes (1'x1'x1') made of wood, crude iron, and kept in a leather sling. They rather look like ordinary boxes to collect small trinkets in.
When a command is spoken the sound of a chosen voice is recorded, and can be released (once only) upon command. The released voice has the exact same volume as recorded.

Box of Voice Trapping

However, there are more powerful versions of these items. They are referred to Boxed of Voice Trapping. If such a box is used on a chosen creature, it magically loses its voice which is then stored in the box.
With another command word the user of the box can now speak whenever he or she wants to using that captured voice. The Box of Voice Trapping has to be in the user's vicinity in order to be used (range: 60').
The voice can be released upon command. A 8th level dispel magic spell can be used to free the creature from the spell.

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