Sonntag, April 21, 2013

Üenya - Petty Goddess of Lost Tunes

This goddess is so petty, it's not going to be included in the awesome PETTY GODS book by Gorgonmilk and the OSR.  I got the idea for her only an hour ago, and thought, well: she's the right petty goddess, so I'm going to write about her.

Where do my lost tunes go?

I am a musician. I hummed, whistled and sang improvised tunes since childhood, played tunes on flute, piano, and electric guitar. A few weeks ago a I added an electric bass-guitar to my equipment list.

I often wonder, and it is one thing I am also interested in from an academic point of view, what happens to all the tunes that I and others hum, and sing, and improvise, but then get lost, or forgotten, because they were not recorded, not notated, not memorised and rehearsed.

I started to record this kind of doodling some years ago, and the results were often more complex, interesting and fresh than those of sessions where I sat down to 'compose' a song rationally.

This spur-of-the-moment improvisation and its connection to the process of composition I find quite interesting. I read about it, I write down my own thoughts, and findings, I talk to other students, and musicians about it. But this post is not about music education or music psychology.

I want to give an explanation to the phenomenon from another point of view:
A deity who represents the complex process of finding and losing spontaneously invented tunes and whose existence may soothe the poor musicians' soul, knowing that his or her musical inventions are neither lost, nor pass without notice, because Üenya the Goddess of Lost Tunes is always listening.

*This is a draft version.

Symbol: An egg engraved with mouth and flute
Talisman: Any kind of instrument will do, vocalists will use their voice, of course.
Alignment: Neutral (Good)
Movement: (I don't know, yet)
Armor Class: 17
Hit Points (HD): 12 (3d4)
Attacks: 1, or spell (using one of the lost tunes to charm, bless, put to sleep, attack with annoying earworms, or force dancing/jam session*)
Damage: 1d4, or special
Save: C12
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: Special - Memory of Lost Tunes
XP: -

Üenya may bless her followers (, or anyone she chooses) with a mnemonic enhancement that allows them to memorize 1d4+1 complete tunes and recall them whenever needed. She may bless with an 'instrinsic' motivation to pick up a instrument (, or singing, or dancing), and practice deligilently until mastery is achieved after years of study and performance.

Reaction Table (2d6)
2 Delighted: Will initiate jam-session with all attendants of any alignment. Anyone who participates will feel better (heal 1d2 hp), and will have their reactions shifted +4 towards the positive end of the scale, as will those who listen only.
3-4 Friendly: Will dance around, chatting, and flirting and singing, probably digging up some of the lost tunes the listeners invented when they were younger.
5-6 Indifferent: Will move around, listening, and waiting for tunes, rhythmic patterns, or fragments thereof.
7-8 Annoyed: Will move around, humming to herself, ignoring others. May make listeners feel bad about having stopped those music lessons a while ago.
9-11 Unfriendly: Will hum annoying earworm, distracting anyone within hearing range: Attack -1.
12 Hostile and Wicked: Will bestow characters with a few of the worst lost earworm tunes, ever (no saving throw allowed: Attack and Save at -4, no spell-casting possible.


mwschmeer hat gesagt…

Send it to Greg anyway! We are still looking at submissions!

lars_alexander hat gesagt…

I'll see if I find some time tomorrow night to finish stats, and description, then I will send it over.

And thanks a lot for the comment!