Sonntag, April 21, 2013

Swuff&Slobosh - A house in the forest

The two brave adventurers started out from Morgansfort and began their hexcrawl into the wilderness following a map they got from the bandits who ambushed them in the previous session.
Initially they wanted to explore the Olde Island Fortress but were convinced by patrons of the Toothless Dragon to postpone this expedition until they could hire a few helping hands. Swuff being a dwarf and a treasure-hunter understood the dangers of a ruined building (unstable walls and ceilings) and decided to wait until they'd took the time to properly scout the island, and get some help with the exploration.
The map led them to a building in the forest, situated quietly on a clearing beside a small hill. The windows had been nailed shut from the outside, bushes, flowers, and vines had grown all over the place.
The key accompanying the map opened the heavy door. Swuff&Slobosh explored the building, found two inhabitants, a couple, who had turned into undead skeletons and attacked the visitors, and unlocked a secret room with a weird well and water basin. Slobosh was downed by one skeleton, patched-up by Swuff and hauled back to Morgansfort to be treated by Father Thelbain just in time.

They found some treasure, a library of books and maps, and left with an inkling that there might be some secrets they have not found, yet. They'll be back, for sure.

We use Basic Fantasy and Morgansfort, and currently simplify weapon damage: 1d6 for all weapons.

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