Freitag, April 19, 2013

Information overload - content-heavy blog posts for a rules-light role-playing game

I am not going to read all the blog posts that have been published for the Swords&Wizardry Appreciation Day. I wanted to a while ago - when there were about twenty plus something blogs signed up for the event. Then people got euphoric and 140 bloggers participated.
I was awed, and I'm well thankful for Tenkar's Tavern, Dorkland, Matt Finch and all the Swords&Wizardry folks and the bloggers. I speed-read quite a few blogs, got inspired and then had to realize that it was simply too much for me. As if 140 bloggers posted the combined content of a year's work in one single day.

What a relief to know that the link list to the S&W blog posts can be found at Tenkar's Tavern.
So, I guess I should go there once in a while and pick a post to read rather than trying to read it all in one day, or a week.
It sure looks like a buffet, but I can go there more than twice, and need not pile-up as much as possible on my plate in one go.

By the way, there is an excellent post on The Nine and Thirteen Kingdoms blog titled "Why I prefer OD&D".

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