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Swuff&Slobosh Heading for Morgansfort

Swuff&Slobosh on their way to Morgansfort
A quick sketch I did today with my Wacom Bamboo and Inkscape (ald)

On the Way to Morgansfort

I introduced new players to Chris Gonnerman's Basic Fantasy RPG. They played a dwarven fighter (Swuff; with German pronunciation - and no English meaning -  'swooff), and a human thief (Slobosh) who set out to find their fortune in and around Morgansfort. That place raised some attention lately as many adventurers, grave robbers, treasure hunters, and mercenaries travelled through, and explored the surrounding areas.
Rumors of old ruins filled with ancient treasure, guarded by evil beings, and protected by deadly traps were traded, the local tavern being a favourite place where said adventurers swap stories, and drink to their future exploits and mighty deeds.

Swuff&Slobosh are new player characters by beginning players

It turned out that Basic Fantasy is really easy to learn. There was no hassle with calculating Armor Class, Attack Rolls, or anything like that. Swuff was created during a short introduction to the game, whereas Slobosh had been created before.
Swuff&Slobosh met in some tavern on the long roads through the wilderness. Swuff being a treasure hunter himself told Slobosh about the rumors regarding the lands around Morgansfort, and with gold coins on their mind they embarked on a journey that would change their lives.
They met a friendly messenger, camped near a place where a stone giant slept, encountered wild animal life, helped a waylaid traveller, then faced the group of bandits, and retrieved a map, and a key that pointed to another adventure. They entered Morgansfort during the night and at the end of the gaming session.

They yet had to find out what being a gold-lusting adventurer implies ...

There was that moment, when they wondered what they were doing out on the road, and why they were headed for Morgansfort. Then they got the idea ...

In the next sessions they want to explore the ruins the map pointed to, and follow up on the rumor about the tomb of a barbarian chieftain, and his magic sword.

Good fun! I'm looking forward to DMing BFRPG some more. And I hear there may be new players around.

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