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[magic items] Sendrick's Utility Belts

Sendrick's utility belts come in different versions, and are usually customized. Some of the properties are due to the selected material and superior craftsmanship, some are magical in nature.
When you find such a belt it is likely to have the powers and belt pouches as described below, though custom orders vary.

Orders can be placed at Sendrick's farm, or via some peddlars and merchants. Albyan and Sorythan an odd half-elven couple travelling the Winding Roads often carry a few items of Sendrick, and offer them for sale.

Powers of the Belt
Each utility belt has one special power and a selection of pouches, and boxes that are usually wooden, and wrapped with leather, though other materials such as hardened glass, or metal are sometimes used, as well.

   Roll 1d6 once
  1. Balance: wearer will not unintentionally lose balance unless forcefully pushed. A favourite among construction site workers.
  2. Slow Fall: wearer will not fall full speed but levitate down gently. There are some belts that combine the powers Balance and Slow Fall. Normal fall can be activated with a command word. (command)
  3. Easy Walk: this wonderful belt lifts some of the weight off the wearer's shoulders. Only 25% of the weight carried, and worn counts as encumbrance.
  4. Focus: wearer will stay concentrated and awake even if tired, fatigued, exhausted. But must rest after two days of wearing the belt, or suffer a system shock (save, or fall unconscious, and sleep for 1d4 days.)
  5. Climbing: with hooks, and rings to secure ropes, and to help with climbing, and mountaineering. As long as the ropes, or chains hold the stress, these belts will keep you safe. The Icy Fist Mountaineering Club of the old dwarven community up in the north ordered a belt for each of its members.(command/gesture)
  6. Swimming: magically keeps wearer afloat, and in a safe position no matter how heavy the weather is. The fearful fearsome pirates of the Ginger Broad are rumored to have some of these onboard, at least for the captain, the first mate, and the cook. (command/gesture)
Belt Pouches/Boxes
The number of pouches varies with each custom belt. Usually there are 1d6 small, 1d3 medium, and 1d3-1 large-sized pouches on each belt. 1d3-1 Extras.

Roll d8 once for each pouch
  1. Cold Container - keeps stuff cold. You know you're gonna need those snowballs, and ice-cubes some day. Also, if you carry revenge...
  2. Hot Container - keeps stuff hot.
  3. Dry Container - keeps stuff dry. Herbs, tea leaves, and chalk.
  4. Wet Container - keeps stuff wet, and safe. Need to carry rare fish somewhere?
  5. Empty Pouch - looks and feels empty. Keeps stuff hidden. Items are retrieved via command word. The magic is difficult to detect, but if the pouch is destroyed the items will become visible. This is not to be confused with a Bag of Holding. (command)
  6. Change Pouch - put in your change, call for the amount needed, and on reaching into the pouch get exactly what you asked for. Some of these pouches had been ordered for a very busy market place in a huge port where cashiers are always in haste to keep up with hurried people.
  7. Ingredient Pouch - similar to the Change Pouch but works with spell ingredients making it a widely sought after item by wizards, and cooks. Some owners complained about tiny lizard creatures that favoured the pouches as a nest.
  8. Shiny Pouch - everything put in comes out clean and shiny. Yes, you're going to love this.
roll d4
  1. Tool Clip: for hammer, axe or other tools. Jump to the wearer's hand on command, and likewise back onto the clip.
  2. Belt Buckle: Concealable Permanent Light. A favourite with dungeoneers, and kids.
  3. Floating Disc (once/hour) (command)
  4. Waterskin of Holding, holds up to 500 gallons of water, or wine, or whatever. Supposedly stored safely in some extra-dimensional pool guarded by lesser spirits.
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