Sonntag, März 17, 2013

[character] Olvgart, magic-user

Swords&Wizardry White Box
(3d6 in order, no cheating, lots of fun)

human male magic-user; Level: 1; XP: 0
STR 13 DEX 10 CON 12 INT 8 WIS 6 CHA 4
hp: 4; saving throw: 15

  • staff
  • colourful robes
  • bunch of bags with an assortment of pouches, and sacks made of various materials decorated with ribbons he made and some cantrip embroidery
  • scroll cases with research notes for spells
  • dagger (that never cuts the wielder; enchanted by Sendrick)
  • spellbook: read magic, light, sleep, (cantrip - house rule)
Olvgart is a young magic-user who literally takes his time pondering the depths of arcane knowledge. He loves libraries, and cherishes the times he talked with his masters, and fellow students - way back, before he had been sent out to find the Wand of Ju-Jana. It's been several years now, and he's been on the road travelling to and fro, chatting with other travellers, drinking with the guests at every inn encountered, and taking notes for his own compendium of spells. None seem to work, yet. And none seem to be researched thoroughly enough to work, ever. It is not that he lacks ambition, just the willpower to get things done. He hasn't found the Wand of Ju-Jana, yet, but his guess is, that someday he will. He's excellent at embroidery for which he uses his cantrip spells.

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