Mittwoch, Februar 20, 2013

Why I like old rpg publications (paper)

I mentioned elsewhere on this blog that I think that typeset, illustrations, and layout were important to why I like older rpg publications. I noticed another thing. The paper. What I do not like about most new publications is the fake old paper printing on every page. I know this was expensive a while ago, and now everybody wants his rpg book to be glossy with a fake old paper texture printed on every page. I don't like it. Paper ages, especially cheap paper. So, when I pull old rpg books off the shelf I get real old paper texture - and smell. I like that.

Well, so much for that. And now I must add, that I quite like the Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition with its full-coloured pages, but maybe that's an exception. Maybe they use higher qualitiy paper for the fake old paper texture prints, and the book will actually last longer. That would be nice.

Anyway, I just noticed this thing about the paper. And now that I did, it doesn't matter much any more. I will read books regardless of the paper. It's the text that's important. And the illustrations. If they actually were illustrations. There is this one thing that bothers me about so many rpg books. There is the text, and there are the pictures, but rarely illustrations. The pictures do not, in many cases, illustrate the text. But since I like the pictures nonetheless, this is no big deal either.
Move along. Play a game.


blut_und_glas hat gesagt…

The illustrations thing is one of the key features of Rifts for me.

You see something in a picture? You can bet there are rules/stats for it somewhere.

You have rules/stats for something? You can bet there is a picture of it someplace.

lars_alexander hat gesagt…

I never read or played Rifts, but I read the Palladium Fantasy RPG. Nice book, actually, though I never played it.