Sonntag, Februar 24, 2013

[magic item] Whip of Infernal Wings

This whip is made of ancient demon hide, the aura of fear still noticeable when touched. The handle is reinforced with rings of metal that has been forged in fires of the underworld then cooled in the fresh spring snow on top of the Lingering Mountains.
It is a +1 magic weapon with special powers that must be activated with command words. It is nigh unbreakable, resistant to spells, fire, cold, and electricity. The command word to bestow the resistance on the wielder has been lost. The commands for the other special powers are simple words from the demonic language of Kth, and can be found in most libraries, and greater spell books. Wether the weapon is intelligent, and the essence of the demon is bound to it, is not known, although there are rumors. Terrible rumors. Rumors that are too easily dismissed once the power of flight is gained...
  1. Flight, similar to the spell, except that only a destination has to be given, and the demon powers of the whip will carry the wielder (if holding on to the handle), and/or anything attached to the whip to the specified destination. Can only be dispelled by 9th level magic, or demon power.
  2. Cause Fear*, as the spell. See Remove Fear spell (BFRPG).
  3. Flame, causes fire damage, and additional +1 damage against creatures vulnerable to fire. Can be used to ignite all sorts of flammable stuff, too.
  4. Strong Grip, the handle sprouts and grows - for example, around the wielder's hand and arm, not letting go until the release command is spoken.
Of course, the whip can be used to entangle enemies on a successful attack roll.  I guess, that's what whips are for. At least in the movies. And hell, yeah, this is a powerful magic item. No restriction on the powers, as in daily uses. It's a fantasy world. But of course, if you utter the wrong command words, or misspell the demonic language, strange things might happen. But you want the power of flight, right?

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