Montag, Februar 11, 2013

Bad Hair Day / I feel awesome! - Hit Dice Rule

I know, I'm supposed to finish that long overdue adventure for the German version of Secret Santicore (Wunsch ist Wunsch). And I know, that I mentioned the fact, which now is none anymore, that I intended not to write my own Tiny OGL 0e heartbreaker, but I did. I started yesterday writing an English version from scratch, finished the tenth page this afternoon, and now I want to share one of the rules I came up with.

It is simple, takes out some frustration, and adds some fun to the game, I think. It's about hit points, those abstract little buggers representing a character's health, luck, power level, and awesomeness.
Okay, maybe when you think of it you remember that last 6th level paladin who received 2 hit points per level, because the dice failed you. At least, you were allowed to add that +1 CON bonus, right?

Breathe in. Here comes...

The Bad Hair Day / I feel awesome! Hit Dice Rule

The following basic rule is for fully rested characters.
When you start a game session roll all the hit dice appropriate for your character including all modifications. That's the hit point total for that session. Go with it. Next time roll again.

Optional for individual adventuring days
Your DM may allow rolls for different days of adventuring in your game world, instead of one at the beginning of each game session. So, your player character may wake up one day with his full awesome potential (maximum hit points), only to find himself miserable with a low hit point total after a lousy night in the dungeon. It's all possible.

The DM will apply this rule for NPCs and monsters, too. So, even if you got scorched by that red dragon one day, you may defeat him when he woke up after a night of bad dreams on another day.

Spells, poisons, diseases etc. may result in modifications to the hit dice roll. For example: -1 per hd, if the character could not find proper rest. You know, when you can't fall asleep because you think of a way to open that secret dwarven door on level three of the megadungeon?
Still the minimum result would be 1 hit point per hit die plus any applicable bonus.

'What about healing?'

As for now, normal healing rules apply.

The following basic rule is for injured characters.
If your DM applies the optional rule for individual adventuring days, you still roll for hit dice, but note your current hit points. Then roll hit dice. You cannot raise the current total by more than two points, but may go below it.

For less serious games

Let players roll hit dice according to the Bad Hair Day/ I am awesome! Hit Dice Rule after a night's rest, even if they have been injured. They are heroes, and this is a game. Characters must heal 'normally' (e.g. via magic, potions etc.) during encounters, and before they can get that good night's rest in camp, or at home.
Disease, poison, magic, and plain laziness may still keep the character from getting out of bed. DM's fiat rules.

Of course, you can breathe out now.


Alexis Smolensk hat gesagt…

Well, that is certainly different.

But why each session? Why not each combat?

You do give me other ideas with this ...

lars_alexander hat gesagt…

'Each combat' would certainly be an option. I'd rather go for 'each encounter'. Something along the line of the Shadowrun Karma Pool that refreshes with every new 'scene'.

But what other ideas, I wonder?