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[magic items] The Pearl of Wondrous Images

Pearl of Wondrous Images

A perfect pearl the size of an acorn, it is said to have been formed by an oyster who picked up a tiny meteor splinter. It was pulled out of the sea by a fisherman, who gave it as a gift to his young daughter, Line, who later became an expert jeweler, and trained in the arcane arts. She gave it away to a wandering monk.

Several other pearls holding a similar splinter may exist, and what strange powers they hold may only be guessed. Go pearl-diving!

The Pearl of Wondrous Images will activate its powers as soon as a bearer has decided to keep it for himself. He will experience vivid daydreams of things that may happen in a given situation, and he will vividly remember situations of the past of how they occurred, and may have occurred had he acted differently. He will have strange dreams at night, of which many will be lucid dreams, and perceive the world, and himself with greater attention. However, the pearl has some other powerful effects on the bearer.
He gains a +3 bonus on all saving throws, but at least once per day he may be so immersed in daydreaming that he will be at -3 on saving throws, AC, initiative, and ability rolls. This penalty will last one turn, or up to the moment he is attacked, or otherwise aroused from the daydream. Roll d4 for the number of strong daydreaming episodes he experiences. The DM decides when these daydreams occur, or alteratively rolls d6 on encounters. A roll of 1 results in a daydream. Note that the daydreams may be pleasant, and help to remember past events. It does not mean he is paralyzed, he is just lacking some attention to the outside world. The DM may rule that the distracting daydreams occur more often the longer the pearl is kept (e.g. for every two levels the character advances with the pearl in his possession the number of episodes per day explodes: d4 during the first two levels, d6 during the following two levels etc.) Or the results could become more severe, e.g. -4 penalty instead of -3 etc.

It will permanently raise one ability score (roll d6: 1 - Intelligence, 2-3 - Wisdom, 4-6 - Charisma), after it has been worn for at least 6 months or two levels have been advanced, whichever occurs sooner. An additional roll is allowed for every two levels the character advances while keeping the pearl. Ability scores may rise beyond the racial maximum.
It will grant a 10% Experience bonus in addition to other xp bonuses, as long as it is worn, or kept by the bearer.
The bearer will be visited, haunted, and sometimes harassed, or attacked by ghosts and other-dimensional beings, strangers will ask him for help, animals will notice a peculiar aura about him, that some will feel drawn to (for good, or bad intent.)
Depending on the alignment (if used), and personality of the character certain traits may become more prominent over time. This does not necessarily mean that aggressive characters tend to become more aggressive, however, a balancing attentiveness to reason, or compassion may effect him just as likely.
Neither the bonuses (except for the xp bonus), nor the penalties will be lost after the character loses, or puts off the pearl.
He is forever changed.

Note: The Pearl of Wondrous Images is a powerful magic item, but the effects should be role-played, rather than being seen as a source for additional bonuses. It may provide many ideas for adventures, encounters, and character development.

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