Dienstag, September 11, 2012

[magic items ] More Quarterstaves for 0e games

Quarterstaff of Hearth

This quarterstaff is finely wrought, and painted with exquisite colours. The ends are metal-shod. It is not a heavy weapon, but flexible and quick. When a command word is spoken it will radiate enough warmth for the bearer to walk through a snow storm, and keep the hands comfy, and cast light up to a 30' radius, if needed. On another command word it will kindle flammable material (takes one round).

Quarterstaff of the Weary Wanderer

Made by a mysterious elven wanderer, this magical quarterstaff has three powers. The first is to cast an Orientation spell that guides it's owner to his destination. The second is an automatic Alarm spell, that wakes, and warns it's owner, when danger is imminent during camp. The third is a +4 reaction modifier on Charisma rolls on any encounter while heading towards a chosen destination.

Quarterstaff of Music

This peculiar curved quarterstaff is wrapped on one end with a magic string that can be loosened and fastend on to the other end. The string can be plucked with one hand and shortened with the other. It is a kind of diddley-bow. Bards may employ it to influence an audience and gain a +1 bonus on any influence rolls. An Amplify-spell guarantees that the music will be heard even over loud crowds at your favourite inn.

Have fun!

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