Montag, September 17, 2012

[magic items] For Travellers in 0e Games

Cloak of Warmth

A magic garment that is thick and stretchable for the wearer to wrap himself up comfortably. It keeps the wearer warm enough to survive icy nights in winter. The wearer receives a +2 saving throw bonus vs. cold.

Boots of Long Roads

Comfortable boots for walking and hiking. They wear down slowly, and magically mend themselves during rest. They fit all feet, growing or shrinking as necessary (up to ogre size down to gnome size). Feet never sweat, nor do they get cold in these boots. They can be destroyed by magic, and dragon fire. Although they mend themselves the wearer has to keep them shiny by himself. No magic against the dust of the road.

Backpack of Home & Castle

A rather powerful magic item of gnomish make, and a great gift idea for the restless wanderer.
Upon command the backpack will unfold and set itself up as a full tent with room for up to 5 people. It is furnitured with bed rolls, cushions, and several small containers with a selection of mixed food, water, wine (sufficient for 5 people/day) etc. It cannot fold itself together when people are inside the tent, neither can objects be stored within. Protection from Evil (50' radius) is in effect when the tent is up, and all inside are affected by an Immunity to Disease spell. It can be camouflaged, but is easily detected via Detect Magic spell. It can be destroyed by normal means.

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