Freitag, September 28, 2012

[magic item] Sling of the Twilight Priestesses

Sling of the Twilight Priestesses

This is the missile weapon of choice of Twilight Priestesses and sought after by many mages and some scoundrels. The sling transforms normal stones into magical missiles.
On a succesful hit the player rolls 1d6 with the following effects:
1-4: Target suffers 1d4 subdual damage.
5: Target suffers 1d4 subdual damage, and must save vs. paralyzation or is  stunned (is +4 to hit, and at -4 on all ability rolls etc.) for 1d3 rounds.
6: Target is instantly knocked unconscious for 1d3 rounds.

It is useless against creatures immune to normal weapons.

So-called Twilight Priestesses are a relatively young order following a nameless cult leader, who is rarely seen, and wears a mask on all occasions. The cult followers adhere to some code of non-violence which, as rumors confirm, seems to be rather losely interpretated by some. Nevertheless, they use these magic slings that do not harm their targets seriously. Funny though, that so many of their left-behind unconscious enemies are never ever seen again ...

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